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Patagonian Squid uncleaned 10/12 5 kg

Patagonian Squid uncleaned 10/12 5 kg

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Size 10-12 cm
Package weight 1 kg (net weight 100 %)
Ingredients Patagonian Squid
Origin Argentine
Expiration at least 12 months, Store at -18 ºC
Weight 60097262434 kg


There are more than 300 species of squid
in the Atlantic and Pacific. They can measure from a few centimeters to giants measuring tens of meters.
The squid has an elongated, cylindrical body with eight tentacles and two longer arms, terminated by a hook for gripping prey. The body is finished with two triangular fins. Like cuttlefish, it has a dye pouch that it uses to protect against attack.
The body and tentacles are consumed.
We know calamari well in our country as frozen, coated rings ready for frying. Smaller squid has finer meat.
Calamari is eaten stuffed, fried, grilled with sauces, in salads, for pizza, are part of paella. We recommend a body (tubes) around 10 cm for filling. The calamari does not need to be tapped like an octopus, it is simply heat-treated gently.
Great and tasty dish that can serve as a main course or side dish.
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