frozen fish and seafood from around the world

Belgická 14, Praha 2 (dispensing point)

Shipping and payment

Shipping and Payment

We issue orders Mon-Fri 15:00 – 20:00

We deliver only in Prague city and to surroundings of Prague (up to 10 km from city limits)

Fee for delivery in Prague city limits is 150 CZK (free delivery for orders over 1500 CZK)

Fee for delivery to the surroundings of Prague (up to 10 km from city limits) is 300 CZK (free delivery to the surroundings of Prague up to 10 km for orders over 3000 CZK)

Pick up in person at our dispensing point (Belgická 132/14, Prague 2) is free of charge 

Delivery time

The ordered goods will be delivered as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 working days from the binding confirmation of the order, depending on its availability and the supplier’s operational capabilities. However, in the event of any problems, the customer is informed of any extension of the delivery period in a timely manner.

Our company will arrange delivery of goods to the address specified in placedorder. 

Method of payment for the goods

The customer may chose to pay cash or by credit card upon delivery to specified address, or while picking goods at dispensing point.

We will provide receipts for all orders..