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Herring Fillets Pieces “Pod Shubu” 400 g

Herring Fillets Pieces “Pod Shubu” 400 g

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Package weight 400 g
Ingredients herring (70%), sunflower oil, salt, tartaric acid, citric acid, flavor enhancer, sodium glutamate, preservatives
Origin Belarus
Expiration 26.04.2022
Weight 60097262434 kg

Herring fillets pieces in oil for the preparation of the traditional salad “Herring under a fur coat”.

Herring is one of the most famous and hunted fish in the world. Even in ancient times, it played an important role in the market, it was valued as a rare spicies, most in northern Europe. The sequence was used not only as food, but also as currency, ransom or as a valuable gift.
He lives in the cold moths. The fish grows to a length of up to 40 cm. The back is dark gray-green and the belly is silvery. Herrings caught from January to March are thinner and drier. Herring is used to make many specialties. Surely you have already eaten sausages, roasters or very popular at. And what about matjesy? However, the real ones are made from still juveniles, the so-called virgin sequences. More mature, fatter pieces are used for more extensive processing. The tender meat with a pleasantly strong taste contains not a few fine but easily removable cubes. Whether fresh, salty or smoked, herring is always rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are very important for our cardiovascular system.
Lightly salted herring fillets will decorate any breakfast and festive table. The fish is good with potatoes, boiled eggs, boiled beets and carrots, onions, black bread, cucumber, cheese with apples, herbs. Delicious pancakes are made from herring. Ideal for preparing “Under the Fur” salad.
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